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Automatic Facial Tissue Interfolder

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Automatic Facial Tissue Interfolder

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  • Max Design Speed: 200M/Min
  • Normal Speed: 170/m/min or 8.5 Cycles/Min
  • Parent Roll Dia.¡GMax. 2000mm
  • Paper Width¡GMax. 2300mm
  • Material¡GFacial Tissue¡BTissue Paper
  • Basic Weight¡G11-13gsm
  • Vacuum system with higher performance and easier maintenance at the folding part
  • Attainment of OFF-SET system to keep high quality, higher performance, and wider width of parent roll. (No one but SOFIA in the world has off-set system on the rotary interfolder)
  • To attain PLY-MACHINELESS converting process, can use wider width parent roll ¡Vup to 10 lanes (230mm*10lanes).
  • By adopting the graphic operation terminal, operation is easy, various functions can be set, and various kinds of small lots are dealt with.
  • Options
    • Shaft-less support equipment for the parent roll.
    • Paper dust remover
    • Edge-embossing equipment
    • Double-embossing equipment
Ordering information:

  • TEL: 886-3-3288198
  • FAX: 886-3-3286198

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