Product ID: TPM-2000

Automatic Packaging Machine

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  • Machine Speed : 80 packs/min.
  • Operation Speed: 60 packs/min.
  • Packaging Size: (110~340mm)L x (100~200mm)W x (50~100mm)H
  • Packaging material: CPP Film
  • Electrical Consumption: 12KVA
  • Air Pressure Consumption : 5~6kg/cm2
  • Application: Facial Tissue, Pop Up Tissue, Flat Tissue and Napkin Packaging
  • Automatic product feeding with servo motor control vacuum suction conveyor
  • Accuracy temperature control for cross and side sealing
  • Automatic plastic film tension control
  • Rotation type plastic film cutting knife for low noise and long life
  • Friendly Man-Machine Interface for easy operation parameter setting and diagnostic
Ordering information:

  • TEL: 886-3-3288198
  • FAX: 886-3-3286198

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