Product ID: HKP-120

Handkerchief Converting Line

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  • Jumbo Roll Diameter: (Dia.)1500mm
  • Machine Speed: 150 packs/min. (10 sheets/pack)
  • Operation Speed: 120 packs/min. (10 sheets/pack)
  • Sheet Size: 210 x 210mm
  • Folding and Packing Size: 55 x 105mm & 55 x 75mm
  • Other size can be specified
  • Material Ply: 2 or 3 plies
  • Application: Handkerchief Folder and Packaging Production
  • Web guiding device to get accuracy unwind operation
  • Thermo-embossing roll device for high quality embossing
  • Equip with calendar device for premium tissue
  • Torque limiter protection
  • Automatic labeling machine
  • Digital man-machine Interface for easy operation and maintenance
  • Equip with aluminum cove, secure operator's safety and products cleanliness
Ordering information:

  • TEL: 886-3-3288198
  • FAX: 886-3-3286198

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